Wednesday, 20 April 2011

How to impress an interviewer!

1. Let the interviewer control the discussion, listen carefully to the questions. Show that you understand by nodding and paraphrasing difficult questions. Pay attention to what the interviewer says and asks. Watch non-verbal cues. Look for facial impressions that might indicate confusion with your answers.
2. Do not ramble to open-ended questions. Try to be as direct as possible. If you are not sure that you have answered the question, ask if the interviewer has the answer he/she was looking or.
3. Express yourself clearly, pay attention to your voice, diction and grammar.
4. Show enthusiasm rather than passive indifference; ask questions about the job, the company and the industry. Look and act interested.
5. Give definite responses to questions. Be ready to justify job changes. Do not discuss income unless asked.
6. Project a great attitude. Show your “can do” enthusiasm by: •  Always accentuating the positive
•  Giving examples of the good things you have achieved
7. Project positive body language. •  Smile warmly when greeted.
•  Sit slightly forward and maintain eye contact without staring.
•  Greet people with a firm handshake.
•  Stand tall or sit up straight, so you project enthusiasm and confidence.
•  Avoid putting your hand in front of your face.
•  Do not cross your legs or arms, it may mean resistance.
•  Do not look to much around the room, focus on the interviewer.
8. Speak to impress by: •  Articulating key ideas with a firmer voice.
•  Avoiding rushing through answers and rambling.
•  Avoiding slang or swear words.
•  Avoiding annoying words such as “like” at the beginning, middle and end of each sentence.
9. Listen. Make sure you answer all questions adequately. If you do not understand a question, ask for clarification.
10 .Stay calm and confident. You got the interview, now get the job! Impress upon the interviewer what you have to offer and not what you want in return.
11. Close the meeting decisively. Express your appreciation for the interviewer’s time and your eagerness to meet again: “Thank you for your time; I have enjoyed this discussion; where do we go from here” or “I feel we would have a good working relationship”.
12. Never ask anything regarding salary. The interviewer will raise the subject if he/she is interested in you.

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